Geometry wines are sourced from the finest grapes available in the ideal regions for producing top flight Rhone wines.

The Wines

We focus on Syrah and Syrah blends; Rhone varietals that will have intensity, depth and balance – a key value of the team and the wines we want to make! The wines are made in small quantities, with the direct involvement and labor of the whole team at every point in the wine-making process. The first vineyard that we chose to work with is in the Bennett Valley AVA of Sonoma, known for its relatively cool climate.

The Team

Geometry wines is the creation of a team of Marin–based wine enthusiasts and an outstanding Sonoma based wine-maker Chris Taddei. The team has close ties to the community and values authenticity and quality. Most of the team has bonded through wine over a dozen years together as part of an informal wine club focused on discovering and enjoying great wine. Geometry sprang out the team’s collective desire to learn more and produce an exceptional quality wine.

Why Geometry?

We marvel at the beauty of the geometry we find in nature – the authentic, natural beauty you might find in a nautilus shell, a fern’s fiddlehead in spring, the symmetry of many leaves and flowers, or the conical shape of a perfect bunch of grapes! It’s this natural expression of geometry that we’d like to capture in our wines which balance the essence of the grapes we harvest with the science we use to make the wines.